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Snow Removal

Snow removal in Rochester 

Living in Minnesota means that snow and ice will be a fact of life, every year. It can bring joy and light to the winter, but even when there's a bit too much of it, life can't be put on hold. You need to be able to get out of your driveway and businesses still need to be accessible to customers. We are a full service plow and snow removal service and we can keep your driveway or property snow-free all through the winter. Read below about our snow removal services and call us today for an estimate! 

Automatic snow removal

If you don't want to wake up in the middle of the night to make sure you get out of your driveway, or worry if customers can get to your business in the morning, ask us about our full winter enrollment. Sign up and you can rest assured your driveway will be snow-free. When snow starts to accumulate, we’ll be there automatically to remove it. You don’t even need to call us – we’ll keep watch. 
Snow being removed by experts in Rochester, MN

Avoid heavy shoveling

Every year people hurt themselves while shoveling heavy snow from their slippery driveways. Perhaps it has happened to you, or you're worried that a loved one will risk their health out there.
B & K Concrete of Rochester has all the right equipment and experience to make the job easy and quick, so call us to hear what we can do for you.  

Storms and blizzards

Every once in a while the skies open up and snow falls in large quantities. Our snow removal crew is ready to help you out! We offer individual snow removal and plowing services for those times when it's just too much to take care of yourself. 

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